Its always your choice.

We get asked all the time by customers regarding the choices available when the unfortunate occurs!

We always answer with the same response…“Irrespective of insurance company or anyone else’s involvement in an accident; it’s ALWAYS your choice where you get YOUR vehicle repaired.”.

The SIMI have come up with an informative video regarding your rights as a customer and some assurances you should look for when you have crashed your vehicle.

At Crofton Motors we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry whilst producing expert, manufacturer standard repairs.

We have developed a skill set, staff force and expertise over the past 53 years in business which is unrivaled in our industry and are delighted to carry the CSS mark over our door which offers our customers that extra security and confident knowing their vehicle has been repaired to the highest achievable standards.

Take a look at the CSS video here.